Partial Solar Eclipse in Dublin

Yeahhhh, I managed to get a couple of photos of the Partial Solar Eclipse this morning in the usual cloudy Dublin (Ireland).

Unfortunately the conditions were not optimal: a lot of clouds, the sun very close to the horizon (just after the sunrise) that causes atmospheric turbulence, the head of my tripod broken in the right moment (!) and I’m still recovering for the cold wind!
Apart from this you can enjoy a few (not decent) photos below :)

Technical info:
Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 100-400mm f4.5/5.6 IS
Exposure 1/40-1/1000, f5.6
With the most of the photos I used an Astrosolar filter.

More info about this eclipse can be found at the NASA webpage.
The eclipse magnitude in Dublin (Ireland) was 0.504.