Volunteering in Uganda

Children in a field in UgandaThis year I decided to skip the typical holiday and not going to the beach or visiting a new city. I’ll spend several weeks in Uganda in September assisting the NGO Soft Power Education.
I’ll be mainly teaching english, computer, internet to children and doing some refurbishing/construction work where needed.
My experience as travel photographer will be quite helpful as well in documenting the daily life and all activities of course.

It’s going to be the first experience of this kind for me.

It took me long time to choose the “right” association and I contacted several dozens before I decided to go with Soft Power Education.
Soft Power Education (SPE) is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO working with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education.

soft power education

I’m not required to, but I thought it would be good to collect some funds for them.
If you feel like, please donate through the page http://www.justgiving.com/tominuganda

All donations will go to the charity and of course are NOT going to cover any of my personal costs like flights, accommodation, vaccinations and visa.

Any help is going to be much appreciated and it is going to have a HUGE impact.

You can follow my adventures on this blog and my personal facebook account.
All related posts will be under the “uganda” tag http://blog.unusualfocus.com/tag/uganda/

Grazie! Gracias! Thank you! Asante! Merci!


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2 thoughts on “Volunteering in Uganda

  1. Hi Tom, this is a fantastic idea! Very inspiring. I hope it will give you just as much as you will be giving to them and that you will enjoy your time there. Huge respect! Daniela

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