Visiting the Jinja office

The first week has flown by and I tried to experience and to get an overview of as many projects as I could. I wrote a couple of days ago a quick overview about those. Then I wanted to visit the office in Jinja: checking stuff and proposals with the management it can be more effective. 😉

Meeting the staff. There are about 6 people in the office taking care of the planning, project management, accounting, marketing and a webmaster. Everything is pretty much done locally. The structure and the area where they are based is quite nice compared to what I’ve been experiencing so far.

Marketing product. They asked me to help out with their marketing activities, there is the entire off-line and on-line promotion to re-do.

I’m going to meet another member of the staff for an additional photo-project.

Last but not least, it’ not clear yet if they are using Google Grants and Youtube for non-profit, I did not get a chance to check it yet. I don’t think so. This would e a HUGE opportunities for them. Google Grants would give them 10000 USD per month to spend for free on-line advertising.
I’m planning to give them an overview next week about that, so this Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll meet also Sharon, the on-site director.


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