The first weekend

children laughing

And back, after several days of silent.
The flights went pretty smoothly, Turkish Airlines confirms to be very good. A very quick stopover in Istanbul and a second one in Kigali (Rwanda).
Landing at 3am is always a bit funny :) I normally prefer arriving in a new place with daylight to realize where I’m. Well, in this case is in the middle of the night and I’m very tired!

It’s extremely easy to get the Visa once landed. If you did not to forget $50 note, no ATM machine before passing the custom.
Stix, my driver, was patiently waiting for me outside, very nice guy who is bringing me to Bujagali.
It’s a long ride through the main southern road passing by Kampala. A great thing of arriving so early in the morning is that you get very little traffic where normally is mental.

Once arrived to Mama Flo I was amazed by the place. The most of people I know would have been shocked and run away.
A very simple small house (there are a lot around built using mud, I’m lucky enough to have one with bricks) in the middle of banana trees. and more still undefined ones.
Toilet is far back the house, no running water but there is electricity. Shower? Get some buckets of water and a soap bar and everything is going to be fine. There might be a campsite relatively close where to have a proper shower when missing one.

So tired but still not in the mood of lying on the bed, let’s snap some first photos at dusk, the sun will rise soon and the mixture of light and fog is very inspiring.

2.5h sleep and when I woke up I met other volunteers staying here: last thing I was expecting it was to find a small Italian community in the middle of nowhere in Uganda. Apparently also known as the Italian village.. OMG! %-O
Time for a cup of tea and some chapati and back to Kampala: got invited to a wedding there after just some hours I’ve been here.

It is a high class wedding, if someone was expecting a typical village wedding will be disappointed.
Christian ceremony in luganda (the main local language) followed by a reception in one hotel where we had chance to try a lot of traditional food. There will be a separate post just about this topic soon :)
You cannot imagine how we were dressed comparing with all the others. And we were the only mzungu.
Bride and groom entered the room dancing like crazy with the rest of the bridal party. It looked a really exciting and fun begins.
What a pity for the speeches: the lasted way more than 1h and after the buffet meal they had even more of them!
At that point even the bride had such a bored face. They were really focused on work, companies both of them they are working for. The top was when 1) the groom’s boss took the mic: he was referring to the bride saying how hard the groom had to work and not to worry if he was going to spend in the office 2-3 days&nights in a row and when 2) a bride’s friend was suggesting her how she should now be submissive to the groom 😯

We then spent 2 nights at the Red Chilly, a very quiet and peaceful place in the middle of the mental craziness of Kampala.

Going around Kampala, as expected, is an experience itself. Even if I come from Napoli I was really astonished by the chaos and the traffic.
The view from the second big mosque of Africa is great. It’s been a real surprise to realize that I thought were white tents of a market, in reality were the typical minibuses (matatus): thousands of them, all stuck in a HUGE car park / bus stop. All the roads around it were of course completely stuck.
If you’d like to go around Kampala you have just one option: boda boda.

We checked also a couple of markets and spent 2 nice evenings at the Red Chilly, a lot of locals and mzungu to talk and have a beer with. Will, an Ugandan leaving in UK was really hilarious. Thanks to his car we drove back to Bujagali after a crazy 3h trip.
At ever stop on the main road you car get assaulted by people trying to sell you everything, especially chicken and (cooked or not) bananas.

When it rains here, it really rains a lot. And the condition of the roads are very poor. So as result of this, we got stuck when we almost reach our new home village, Bujagali.
A big track out of the road on the left side and the rescue truck fell down on the right side, no space to go through them, just people and boda boda could. However in about 40 mins they managed to create some space in between, still in time for food!
After the dinner at Mama Flo’s we had a crazy night at the Sombrero in Jinja.

A totally unplanned and unexpected weekend to start the trip.

People here are extremely open, always with a smile and have an amazing hospitality.
Think about this, people, when complaining about the weather, your office canteen or your 5 month old phone that you consider so outdated.


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