On my way to Africa

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A light breakfast at the Dublin airport costs as much as 3 days of accommodation + 2 meals a day where I’m staying, outside Jinjia. So with that amount of money a local will live decently for at least a week.

So in case you feel like you can survive with a pizza less this week, feel free to donate the equivalent import at http://www.justgiving.com/tominuganda
I’m pretty sure you can. 😉
By the way, not sure if I have mentioned it already: Google is going to match the entire amount doubling it!

Got at the airport 3h in advance, enjoying the waiting and seriously starting realize something. Not fully defined what it is yet.
Got last minute Spotify upgrade last night (why sleeping?), some music on phone/tablet would be good. If you have any playlist to share you are more than welcome (username: travelyourlife), artists/albums suggestions also accepted :)

I’ve spotted a “team” with red t-shirts with something written about Uganda at the Dublin airport, it looks like I’m going to have company during the flighs. They might be doing some volunteering as well. Awesome.

Nearly to Kigali after nearly 10h, quick stopover and then Entebbe airport after 1 more hour flying.
Used to fly generally to east or to west, I’ve to say it’s a bit weird flying north-south for so long. Almost same timezone, almost same tiredness of flying to US or Asia!
Got exit seats on both flight! (First one was to Istanbul. Alex the weather and the view of the city from above was amazing!)
Anyway, next time I’ll be smart enough to ask if you can recline those seats or not. :-/

Yes, that group with the red t-shirts is a catholic association from Northern Ireland (originally from US) operating mainly in Kenya and Uganda. They are sitting right next to me and it’s good to get some info.

Going through the Bradt Guide about Uganda, it’ extremely good (the newest 2013 edition in being printed right now).
Uganda is apparently one of the safest country in Africa, nothing comparable to Kenia. Things you should be careful about are malaria and road accidents. Cool, let’s start with a night/early morning 2-2.5h drive to the north of Jinjia.
Wildlife looks amazing, so much variety in a relatively small country.
No idea yet how much free time I’m going to have and where/if I’ll be able to move around. The thing I know for sure is that I’m definitely not try to rush and squize everything in these weeks. Let’s settle down first to realize what would be convenient doing.

Expect delay with email/facebook/whatsapp. At the end I’m not going to Africa to stay all the time connected to the Internet.
I’m happy doing it less and less already home, but here it’s going to be even more extreme. 😎
Chiara, a friend of mine who was suggesting not to use phone/tablet even for the blog. Paper and a pen (uhm, do we still remember what they are?) would be even a better way to disconnect. True, let’s see if it’s going to work.
At the end you might be curious how the money you donated are going to be invested. And there is always mum asking if I’m still alive or not. :)


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