Budondo Health Center

After the computer class today, I went with the other Australian volunteer Rachael to the Budondo Health Clinic.
It’s about 10 minutes by boda boda from Bujagali, where we are staying.
They take care of the most of urgencies, HIV and malaria mainly, and pregnancies.

The situation of course is not what you would expect to find in a western hospital.
There was a huge queue of patients queuing: there is a small lab that does basic blood tests. They are diagnosting HIV.

At the certain point we met a mother with 2 children. Both affected by HIV. The entire 4 members of the family is. She just found out the 2 children are HIV positive. She was so nice and talkative, apparently not having a real idea what the doctor Ben just told her.

Ben is a very nice guy, he welcomed us with a huge smile and explained us different things about the status of the clinic while still visiting his patients. After that he introduced us to the most of the staff and we went for a quick tour around the different blocks of the small clinic.

I got goose bumps going around.
It’s amazing how these people are so smiling, open and welcoming considering the status there are in.

Considering the state of the clinic, it’s good to see there were some new incubators and new beds just donated by a charity.

We’ll be back there next Saturday. We agreed with Ben to get some HIV patients and families to come over to the clinic and share their experience. Rachael will be filming while I’ll be taking some photos.
The purpose of it is to create some awareness around the problem. Locally, to have people coming to the clinic and do the necessary treatments. Internationally, to have additional funds for the clinic.

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