Almost time to hit the road: to bring or not to bring?

weight gearWell, this supposed to be a blog mainly about photography, right? :) Let’s talk a bit about that for what concerns the trip to Uganda.

When you are more than an amateur photographer, you always have a big problem when packing your bags. You don’t think anything else than what kind of gear to bring with you with one main goal: I need to travel light!

Packing anything else it’s very easy and it does not require much space and weight (at least for me!), but when it comes to camera(s) and lenses.. here you got THE problem.

– Which lenses to choose?
– Am I going to use the 70-200 2.8? Such an heavy lens is worth the weight? (It’s my favorite!)
– Where am I going to store the gear while not using it?
– Am I going to carry 4-10 Kg all the time? (What a pain :-/ )

It’s often the case: on one hand, when you carry a lot of lenses and you don’t use them you regret it for the weight you have constantly on your shoulders. On the other hand when you don’t have a particular lens or camera you wish you had them with you.

It’s also true the best camera you have is the one you got at the moment of shooting and not thinking what you left home.

Recently I got the Canon G1X. A part small issues with the autofocus (hey, when you are used to the 5D Mark III you are going to have some issues using any other lower end camera!), it’s a great camera for traveling: low weight, you don’t need to carry any additional lens; the sensor is huge compared to standard compact, it’s about 80% the size of an APS-C sensor format; great image quality at high ISO.

Anyway in cameras like this you also have to get some compromises: slow autofocus, low macro performance, slow lens.

So, DSLR (and lenses) or not DSLR, that’s the question.

Let’s see it in a practical way. I have 2 options:
A) Canon G1X + external flash + light tripod.
B) Canon 5D Mark III + 17-40 f4 + 50 f1.4 + 100 f2.8 macro + external flash + heavier tripod. (As you can see, I’m excluding all heavier good lenses, what a pain.. SIGH!)

Or both? 😮
I still don’t know what to do. Another sleepless night ahead thinking about that. 😛

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