The Secret Life of Wedding Photographers

What do Wedding Photographers Really Do?

Usually when I’m standing in the buffet line for dinner, or when there’s a slow time during the day when I’m not taking pictures.

“So you’re the photographer?”
“Yessir, I am, and I absolutely love it.”
“Well I don’t doubt it. You’re doing a great job out there. It must be great to work only one day a week!”

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions regarding what wedding photographers actually do all week. It’s perfectly understandable, after all, the only time most people see us working is at the wedding. You can find an interesting survey answered by wedding photographers and discover what they really do besides take pictures every weekend. Hopefully it will help clear up some misconceptions and give some insight into what goes on behind the scenes after we leave the reception.

Some interesting quotes:

“From start to finish, our company invests 90 man hours in each bride.
I always laugh when people ask me what it’s like to only to work one day a week. I wish! :)”

“On a day to day basis, marketing, networking and other business activities take such a big chunk of time that I consider weddings my day off!
I get to relax and do what I love. And on Monday, it’s back to business.”

“A wedding photographer wears all the business hats: CEO, advertising exec, HR person, teacher, accountant, IT guy, vision-caster, investor, designer, researcher, client meeter, negotiator, webmaster, marketer and office cleaner.”

“Going into my 4th year of business, I find myself constantly analyzing my marketing and looking at competition. With an ever changing industry, it’s almost a full time job just to stay current and know what’s going on in the world of wedding photography.”

“As a photographer, you spend a huge amount of time in front of a computer. The changes in advertising methods and social media have also required more computer time. So we should not be called photographers, but photographers/graphic artists/web designers/accountants/receptionists/bloggers!”

I totally agree with them.
Editing the photos and doing all the post-processing is usually completed not before 2 months after the wedding.


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