Wedding guest or photographer?

You cannot be both.

If you have been to a wedding recently you may have noticed how many people are taking photos on that day. Nothing wrong with it, but why do not enjoy moments and remember them for what they are?

Wedding guest or photographer? If you really cannot avoid taking photos, well it’s fine. :) It’s just matter of keeping an eye and respect the other people around you. Maybe if you notice the official photographer is just behind you while the bride is coming along the aisle, well.. you could maybe avoid standing on the aisle itself and taking photos from the side.

From the Neil van Niekerk’s blog post:

  1. With the family portrait session, let the hired professional photographer be the only one taking photos.
  2. Don’t obstruct the hired professional’s view of the processional or other key events.
  3. As a guest, you really don’t *have* to take tons of photographs as well.
  4. Don’t put emotional pressure on the bride to get permission to also be a photographer at the wedding.
  5. My advice? Be the wedding guest, not the photographer.

A recent article on the Off-Beat Bride blog, dealt with the topic of the unplugged wedding: couples tell guests to put down their devices.
I can assure you that often it’s not a bad idea at all :)